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73 px Design System for Figma

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73 px Design System for Figma

73 px
2 ratings

73px is a design system for Figma that lets your speed up your design process and create anything. Work with hundreds of components and styles out of the box, take advantage of Figma's Auto Layout to save time, and quickly wireframe without needing to design everything from scratch.

Less clutter, way more flexibility

Customizable Components: Quickly customize components, colors, and text and see changes across your entire design system.

Accessibility: Never compromise on accessibility. We've made it easier than ever to design with accessible styles.

185 Well-Organized Styles: The most robust effect palette on the market. Compare us to the competition, you’ll see.

Component States: 73px components ship with states like hovers and text editing to make your designs more engaging and useful.

Full Auto Layout Support: Our design system has full support for Figma’s Auto Layout. Easily add or remove text and move elements with a simple click of a button without having to manually fix spacing issues.

Typography: A proper typography system built in making it easy to update font families across your project.

Search Keywords: Can't remember the exact asset name? Just type in a keyword and find what you were looking for. Our well organized design system makes it easy for you to quickly search assets in Figma and speed up your workflow.

Benefits of using 73 px Design System

Designers: Finally, a Figma first, well-organized, thorough, customizable design system.

Product Managers: Create impressive and useful wireframes and prototypes in minutes.

Developers: Easily design with customizable and consistent components before writing a line of code


You may cancel your subscription at anytime. If you don’t want to renew your license after it expires, you can continue to use the version of the 73 px Design System for Figma you have for as long as you want, but you won’t be able to receive any further updates. We will notify you before your subscription ends.

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A design system, regularly updated with new components.

Hundreds of Components
Auto Layout
12.4 MB


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